Mother of Mercy is remarkable. The balanced implementation of a strong academic program, tenacious athletic tradition and wide array of excelling extracurricular programs is incomparable and made possible due to the extraordinary bond between pupils, staff, parents; the Mercy family.

The ambitious energy of the Mercy family creates a culture of inspiration, propelling pupils to expand their awareness and realize their fullest potential. Mercy graduates enter ordinary level as insightful, faith-filled pupils ready to become leaders and good citizens of the 21st century. What you will gain from a Mercy education, intellectually, emotionally and spiritually is simply priceless. Come Be Inspired!

  Individual Excellence Program
The Individual Excellence Program reflects the very distinctive and all-encompassing culture at Mother of Mercy. With a priority on the who and not just the what, Mercy achieves high-ranking statistical success in balance with emotionally and spiritually fulfilled young boys and girls. We are committed to realizing this healthy balance for authentic growth and learning. Pupils  of Mother of Mercy will learn and grow in an educational atmosphere that prioritizes:

 Development of each child’s God-given potential by identifying and working with his/her unique strengths and challenges.

Compassionate care for each pupil as a whole person — academic, emotional, spiritual and physical.

Formation of pupils who think beyond the superficial answer because they are reflective and have an expansive intellectual curiosity.

A culture of empowerment that motivates each pupil to become the best she can be.

A setting of sophisticated, cutting-edge technology that fosters individual learning.

Faith and service as integral to growth and happiness.

     Individualized Course Placement
At Mother of  Mercy, we understand and appreciate that every child has a unique combination of needs and skills that require individualizing his/her learning experience. As a result,Mother of  Mercy works with pupils in four different curriculum “levels.” Unlike a “tracking” placement system, which requires a student to be placed in equally-weighted/paced classes across all disciplines, “levels” allow flexibility in discipline placement to adequately challenge, while not overwhelm a pupil.

Annual Pupil Level Evaluations
In an effort to ensure pupils are challenged but not overwhelmed, our dedicated teachers meet with grade school Management   to evaluate academic performance and to reconsider subject placement every year.

Student Assistance Services
Mother of Mercy has a Pupil Assistance Services Coordinator on staff to help pupils acclimate to the culture and expectations of Mother of  Mercy, connect pupils to resources inside and outside of school, assist pupils with goal-setting and progress-monitoring, provide organizational skills support and coordinate study tables.

Dedicated Professional Counseling Staff

Annual Student Level Evaluations and Family Goal-Setting Meetings
School Management evaluates academic performance and reconsider subject/level placement every year. In addition, each pupil holds a goal-setting meeting with her parents and a teacher where he/she states the ways in which she has grown in the Mother of Mercy values, as well as areas where growth is needed

Block Scheduling

Classes meet every other day (6-8 periods per day)
Extended time enables one-to-one education, inspires higher levels of critical thinking, improves time management skills and is reflective of a college schedule.

Flex Time
Pupils  are given a free 5-minute period between first and second periods, allowing one-on-one or group meetings. Sessions may include, prayer/study groups or class teacher counseling. Such interaction enhances pupil-to-teacher relationships and productivity during the school day.

Web-Based Communication For The Family
Online resources are available for both student and parent use.

PowerSchool: Monitor academic progress, view grades and access student schedules.

BlackBoard Learning Management System: View classroom assignments, communicate with teachers and even collaborate with other Educational Stakeholders. Mother of Mercy’s website has updated school calendar, including extra curricular activities, sports schedules, etc.

Both Genders Focus

Evidence shows pupils stay better focused on their academics in different -sex schools, as the environment comes with sense of integrity,unity and co-operation in the community. Mother of  Mercy’s warm and welcoming all-girl student body produces strong, confident pupils and genders life-long friendships.