Message from Pupils  Activities

The benefits of participating in our Pupil Activities Program will complement what pupils learn in the academic 
program. Teamwork, creativity, time management, self-confidence, leadership, dedication, goal setting and problem solving
  are just a few of the skills that can be developed through participation in one or more clubs and activities. These skills will
 help and lead them to success in career. Clubs and activities offer a pupil the opportunity to meet new people, discover new skills or talents and challenging oneself to reach beyond his/her comfort zone. Organizing a traditional dance, helping the needy 
 improve the sense of giving rather than taking or serving meals to those in need are all ways to becoming a well-rounded member of the
“Circle of Mercy”.

The Patron of Pupil Activities, is responsible for coordinating all extra-curricular activities, scheduling class-year, club, and activity meetings and events, and developing leadership opportunities. The Patron Of Pupil  Activities works closely with class, club, and activity moderators and student leaders to create and maintain a cohesive and successful Pupil Activities program.