Message from Principal


Our school is at the outskirt of the region. It is safe and welcoming. The school has a caring and supportive atmosphere and upholds our traditional values. We celebrate diversity and encourage children to respect and embrace differences. The school promotes children’s active role in the community and in respecting their environment. We work collaboratively with other schools and explore opportunities to develop new partnership to enhance teaching and learning. Our standards are excellent with all pupils achieving their potential. We are an Exclusive school

Our children

Children are happy and well behaved they have high aspirations, work hard and achieve to the highest of their abilities and they are able to work independently as well as cooperatively with others and develop valuable skills that prepare them for the future. Excellence and Success are encouraged and celebrated, Children like their teachers, and they are confident, resilient and know what they can do to improve

 Our Teachers

Our teachers are outstanding. They inspire through exciting and challenging lessons, and seek out and share good practice. We have a reputation for developing our staff and encouraging them to excel. All staff embody the school’s aim and values

Our Pastoral team

Our Pastoral team is very caring and affectionate. They spend lot of time with pupils and ensure that pupils are comfortable at all levels. They create an atmosphere where the pupils feel at home


Parents and teachers work together to support and encourage children. Parents are actively involved in their children’s education and support the school in achieving its aim. They feel welcome in school and know that views are valued and listened to

Our Governors

Governors have a good and constructive relationship with the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and staff. They provide excellent leadership and challenges and support the school to achieve the best for the children

Our Environment

We have eco-friendly buildings and grounds are clean, attractive, safe and welcoming to children, parents and visitors. They are an integral part of children’s learning. We anticipate what will be needed and invest in the buildings and other resources including IT to promote the very best learning experience for the children. We work to promote sustainability and good environmental practice across the school