Our co curricular activities are embraced by all pupils who are encouraged to move outside their comfort zone and develop the potential that lies within.
We accomplish this by enforcing a full and exciting programme of sporting and artistic activities with a highly committed, expert staff. Our activities include:

Music at our School is a deeply enriching feature of the school’s life with many pupils enjoying choirs and playing music instruments. There are a considerable number of ensembles in rehearsal so that as many children as possible gain pleasure from the experience of shared music. We hold music competitions and the winning team is rewarded. We are especially proud of the fact that our pupils are able to participate highly on this day. Parents are always invited to witness their children shine on stage. Our prime objective is to help young people to enjoy their music to the full.

The quality of art produced at Atlas is at once evident since it adorns walls and display cabinet all over the school .The children work in all mediums and produce an amazing variety of pieces. Drawings, Pottery and objects made out of fiber are always displayed on our school exhibition day.

Games are timetabled for one afternoon per week in addition to matches on Saturdays. The major team games for the boys are Volleyball, football and tennis. For the girls there is netball. Boys and girls also take part in the school’s sports completion, swimming as well as the athletics.
In addition there are a number of PE activities scheduled on rotation including swimming, basketball and jogging which take place according to the class time table.

Extra Curricular Activities
The activities programme is designed not only to stimulate young minds but also to offer inspiration to try a new skill or polish a talent, as well as to provide fun and relaxation away from the classroom.
Activities are timetabled on Friday afternoons each week and include a variety of options that appeal across the age range.

Our school organizes education trips for children. These help the children see practically what they learn in class. Our pupils have an opportunity to see historical grounds Bagamoyo has been our recent destination